Planet Mind has CREATED PRODUCTIONS with such artists as Drake, The Weeknd, PREME, French Montana, Belly, Rihanna, Waka Flocka FLAME, KIKI ROWE and many more! 
Although his company enjoys creating music videos, he also continues to be a part of many film and television projects (over the span of 10+ years). He has numerous fashion and commercial projects with top brands such as Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton, Apple, Electric Runway, and (app company) Off The Menu. 
His musical scores and compositions have appeared in films that were selected by TIFF, as well as cinematography for a selection of television networks such as MuchMusic, MTV, HGTV, and CBC. 
No matter what the content or subject matter he only chooses jobs that he believes in. The concept of "PLANET MIND" is to showcase that the mind is like a planet, thus he makes it a point to nurture every project with intellect and insightfulness throughout all creative endeavours! 
With MORE THAN 300 completed projects (spanning his career) 
and OVER 100 million views, in collective YouTube videos
...his experience and expertise have a proven success rate in the mixed media arts. 
{{{{{{The origin of the PLANET MIND LOGO}}}}}}

When I designed my logo I wanted there to be a hidden meaning that reflectS THE COMPANY'S 

personality and intellectual style. 

When you look at the horizontal version compared to the vertical one, you'll notice that the brain is actually a heart. 

I designed it to be both, based on how a person viewed it. 

This was created to symbolize that the heart + mind must work together attain true happiness and success in one's work.

The 5 planets then symbolize OUR 5 senses which connectS the whole piece together.

This logo means everything to me and now you know exactly why 


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